Duval Custom Carving


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What is a CNC?


Logo Aluminum
House Sign Live Poplar
Live Edge Maple Sign
Card Weight
Custom Logo MDF
Fridge Magnet Cedar
House Sign Live Edge Maple
Custom Logo Painted
Custom Travel Crib Cedar
Custom Large Crib Cedar
Custom Plaque Laminated Cedar
Plaque MDF
Live Edge Maple Sign Back
Live Edge Maple Welcome
Large Crib Back Card Pocket
Tooth Fairy
Duval Hotel Plaque
Place Names
Live Edge Maple Wedding 1
Live Edge Maple Wedding 2
Key Hanger
Custom Crib Board Cedar
Painted Address Sign
Planer Knife Gauge
Gift Tags/Fridge Magnets
Wizard Fridge Magnet
Christmas Gift Tag/Magnet
Custom Crib Board Easy Rider
Fridge Magnet Wizard Auv
Poker Card Weights Epoxy
Poker Card Weights Back
Round Crib with Card Cover
Oval Crib with Card Cover
Crib Board Samples
Custom Plaque Painted MDF
Custom Crib Board Oval
Custom Crib Board Oval
Custom Clock Bamboo
Custom 5 O'Clock
Custom House Sign
Custom Crib Cow
Crib Dark Cow
Crib Downtowners
RIP Murphy
RIP Zoey
Crib Eric
Crib Lyle M
House Sign
Crib Duck Hunter
Crib Polar Bear
Poker Card Weight
Sling Shots    Sling Shots
Crib Prairie Sons
Crib Prairie Sons Open
Shih Tzu Heart    Shih Tzu side
Key Hanger Lion
Crib Ron H
Crib Montana Cedar
Crib Montana Cherry
Custom Logos AMSNW
Hanging Sign Cedar 2x4

DIY CNC Plans I used as a guide